Book Review: Joy: 100 Poems by Christian Wiman

Joy is an essential role in a human’s existence yet it is barely spoken or written about. In Joy: 100 Poems, Christcover125598-mediumjoyian Wiman explores its absence in media, literature, and even amongst ourselves. Is feeling Joy taboo in this social climate? Scattered throughout the book are 100 poems and Wiman’s musings and examples of gladness.

We Wander

the roof of hell
choosing blossoms

(Kobayashi Issa, Translated by Jane Hirshfield)

How has religion and religious leaders shaped our view of feeling joy? What poems have been born from oppression, but highlight the good? How does one digest their conflicted happiness among pain and suffering? It is all addressed in this well thought out anthology and brings clarity to the best of life’s paradise: Joy.

*I received a copy of this book to review, all opinions are mine. 

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