Book Review: Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory

Thunder Moon is a novella, not a full-length book. When reading a novella it’s imperative everything be concise and flowing. The characters need to develop in a thoughtful way. Unfortunately, I could not finish this book. I stopped short of 25%. Thunder Moon stars a witch named Thea. It also includes her best friend Ellie, Ellie’s brother Eric, and a whole lot of confusion. It’s lacking flow. The author introduces important points in the oddest and most stilted of ways. Thea’s dog pops out of nowhere as if we should already know she has one. There is also an excruciating long lunch scene where the two women spend a lot of time eating rolls. The focus seems to be in the minutia and not on the story itself. For example, the siblings lament their parent’s move from the family home. Yet they converse several times about their parents being within walking distance. Thea being a witch is revealed weirdly. It’s quite a jumble. I wanted to like this book, the premise seemed interesting and fun. It’s advertised as having a “hint of Practical Magic.” There isn’t an ounce of whimsy and alluring worlds that Alice Hoffman creates. This book needs to be rethought, or an editor. It has potential but it’s stuttering and awkwardness made it laborious to read.


*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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