The Reaping


I paint my face, varnish my nails
coat my lashes, sharpen my scales
Lotion my skin, slide into my dress
the blue one that always makes you a mess
Brush my fangs, smear red on my lips
coat my lashes, hang knives from my hips
Set my hair, snarl into the mirror
drink until the blurry becomes clear
Open my wings, it’s time to fly
I’m coming for you, it’s your turn to die

Daily Prompt: Varnish

Patch Job


We danced together
for the briefest of times
My fragile heart aware
you could never be mine
After a while
it was time to set us free
Relocate to a place
where you’d never look for me
Acutely aware of time and space
20 years later we are both slapped in the face
It wasn’t me you could choose
So I left first…
seeing you today
Oh, my weathered heart burst.
He’s been good to me
and you still call her your wife
The dismal part of this story
Cuts like a knife

If you asked me to…

I’d softly run if you called
and start our new, old life

Daily Prompt: Relocate

Fool’s Paradise

You keep me hoping, wishing, praying. On tenterhooks, I’m swaying.
What’s your answer?
What’s it gonna be?
I’m over here dangling, oh my god I’m clinging, hands bloodied and stinging
Why are you taking so long?
What do you need to see?
Slipping off this tether, I can’t hold on forever, put me out of my misery
Is it gonna be her…please choose me.

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Going down in flames


Hades and I get down in the underground
meet me there, get lost in the sound
the screams you hear, they aren’t only mine
but that River Styx got me feelin’ fine
used to be particular about the company I keep
made sure this bitch got her beauty sleep
smiled wide and pretty for the world to see
but since the reckoning, all I care about is me
wild and manic I dance all night
spinning and sparkling to the devil’s delight
come and visit, I’ll show you what’s new
in this cursed dirty disco I’m addicted to
I’ll reach for you to whirl and sing
laughing cuz’ you don’t mean a fuckin’ thing
I used to care about mortals, but not anymore
not since Abaddon came a’ knocking on the door
He shows me how to rock and how to roll
as a gift, I showed him how I lost my soul
Dark Zeus brought me under because he saw a treasure
likes it when I blow him smoky kisses down in the ether
can’t stop the music, the beat runs through my veins
I fell in love with the beast and his fortress built of flames
there ain’t no getting out alive, he said
but there’s no reason to leave if I’m already dead

via Daily Prompt: Particular


Atmospheric Abecedarian: Game Over


Atmospheric twin you are a
Breezily punishing lover who
Can’t bear to call surrender but you
Despise lingering, so you find a game to play called
Eat my heart and your cake, too
Forgetting I am you and you are
Going to corrupt the bond brutally again
Havens treasured fold into the ether
I refuse to hold you in my arms anymore
Just like always, you find warmth from another
Killing me, massacred delicately
Laughing in her bed suddenly
My face appears and your heart skips to dread
Nothing will dull your pain but more women it’s
Obvious you a cold-blooded felon
Perhaps you shouldn’t have found someone new
Quite so quickly as you sit haunted and pale
Remembering stolen kisses and the
Sunshine in my eyes that made you
Turn away in shame, I admit I like when the
Universe punches my love back into your gut
Vain is the wish I could be satisfied with second best but
Wallowing isn’t made for the crowned so I grieve exquisitely
Xenology is your major and it makes me nauseous that
You drink with vigor from stolen cups while a
Zealot’s withered flowers pour from my mouth

via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric