Gas Guzzler

In my mind, I’m drivin’ slow
ain’t got no purpose
nowhere to go

In my mind, I stand heavy on the brake
rusted, busted
nothin’ to give, nothin’ left to take

In my mind, I’m rockin’ steady
left taillight failin’
but I’m locked and ready

In my mind, I’m leakin’ oil, leakin’ soul
honkin’ at the freaks
straight barrelin’ for black holes

In my mind, I swing them hips
hit you like lighten’
with a fuckin’ mean bag of tricks

In my mind, I’m runnin’ you down
hot squealin’ and hissin’
Bitch don’t belong on my side of town

via Daily Prompt: Honk


Things Found At An Auction

I laid it out
laid it out for them to see
It’s all for bidding
but the price ain’t free

Asked me yesterday to present on the table
boxes and suitcases bloated with my follies and fable:
ripped hosiery, no rosary, baked bread gone to mold
the diary glued together, my confessions lost in the fold
paper, glass beads, books, tangled string, the striped blue dress
the part of me you couldn’t stomach piled high in the mess
bridesmaid gown, crooked crown, forgotten anchor tattoos
pecked clean by internet crows who know exactly what they do
record collection, a gray sedan, cancer boy became a man
cemetery day, skin curdled gray, pancakes in a garbage can
pretty fingers, pretty toes, deleted your pictures, nothing left to show
cupcake eyes, belt buckle lies, a knife to gut the one I owe
hospital socks worn thin, markers I’ve run dry, the picture frame cracked
a broken phone, the number I changed, hoping you’d never come back
galaxies in jars, pills that didn’t work, burned flesh and tears
expired coupons, death dates, the innocence I lost in foolish years
chunks of hair, a candle for oblivion, no goodbye from the boy I thought I knew
it’s all picked clean, the bones, they gleam, in this hellish stew

take what you want
take it all,
but never trust her smile
life ruiner, fake oppressed, they can spot you from a mile
forgetting you, it’s coming fast, it’s here now any day
times have changed, I’ve rearranged, I’m glad to say
in the mess, I’ve saved the best
I keep it in the pale
I whisper, for it is blessed…
Fuck you.
That’s never for sale