Book Review: Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav



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Something magical happens everytime I read a book by Lang Leav. Her words conjure sensations and memories long past or make current feelings that much deeper. Lang Leav knows love, it is her specialty. There is a wonderful harmony in her words. As I was reading there were moments when I found myself deep in reflection.

My favorite poem in Sea of Strangers is “Whole Again.” I found the wording of this beautiful poem calling out to me as I read it. Lang Leav writes “There is a word that hurts my heart-one I don’t ever say out loud. Like the shadow that lingers in the light, I can’t separate myself from your memory. But there are some nights when I look up at the sky and the moon is whole again.”

What the passage means to me could affect someone in a different way. This is where the author’s skills lie, in evoking a rainbow of responsiveness. I enjoy this side of her writing, how small poems can bring forth a slew of emotions, each unique. I would recommend adding Sea of Strangers to your collection. If you are a first-time reader, enjoy a book full of words that take you on a passionate journey from your past to your present.

*I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Patch Job


We danced together
for the briefest of times
My fragile heart aware
you could never be mine
After a while
it was time to set us free
Relocate to a place
where you’d never look for me
Acutely aware of time and space
20 years later we are both slapped in the face
It wasn’t me you could choose
So I left first…
seeing you today
Oh, my weathered heart burst.
He’s been good to me
and you still call her your wife
The dismal part of this story
Cuts like a knife

If you asked me to…

I’d softly run if you called
and start our new, old life

Daily Prompt: Relocate

Fool’s Paradise

You keep me hoping, wishing, praying. On tenterhooks, I’m swaying.
What’s your answer?
What’s it gonna be?
I’m over here dangling, oh my god I’m clinging, hands bloodied and stinging
Why are you taking so long?
What do you need to see?
Slipping off this tether, I can’t hold on forever, put me out of my misery
Is it gonna be her…please choose me.

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